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Problems With Having big boob Mia Khalifa

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Hiii Friend Its Mia Khalifa With great boobs comes great responsibility. And no one other than women with heavy bust would understand the responsibility talked about here. As much we love busty women, there's no denying that it's a task to manage those breasts. Come summer, and they become an absolute nightmare. From being able to carry off a crop top to selecting a swimsuit in which your precious boobs don't pop out, the struggle is hard and real, and not everyone understands that. Unless she is Mia Khalifa, who understands the evil relationship between heavy breasts and summers. In the video below, she lists reasons why heavy boobs are a sucker (NO PUN INTENDED) and why maintaining them is a bigger task than running a country Because the second you step into the sun, your cleavage starts to sweat… Oh, and tanning facedown is a nightmare. But lying on your back makes your boobs disappear… Thanks For Watching This I Hope You Like This Video So Share This Video BB Ki Boli